Steve Garnett

Founder of Agile:MK, Steve has been deeply involved in the Agile community since 2003, pioneering the first Scrum project in the UK and the 9th person to be Certified Scrum Practitioner worldwide. Alongside Ken Schwaber, Steve co-trained the first Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course in the UK. An ex-Chief in the Royal Navy, Steve has an MBA from Henley, has held various C-level positions, is a Certified Scrum Coach and retains a natural passion for continuous improvement and learning. Now an Independent Agile Coach, he continues to deliver, consult, train and coach Agile methods for numerous clients including Barclaycard, Henderson Investment, Legal & General Investment Management, Man Investments, and Workplace Systems.



Milan Juza

Milan has been leading and working with agile teams for a number of years and in multiple sectors. Milan's background is in programme and product delivery and during his career he has led delivery of several groundbreaking products and services -  from Europe's first international Mobile TV solution, world's first Android device to UK's largest CatchUp TV service. In recent years, Milan held a number of senior technology roles in various organisations and led several large-scale agile transformation and business change initiatives. Milan strongly believes in ongoing learning and continuous improvement and is passionate about transforming organisations into truly agile, value-driven operations. Milan currently works as an Agile Transformation Director at Barclaycard. 



Rien Sach

Rien first became involved in the Agile community through research investigating motivation with high-performing agile software development teams. Rien has worked with multiple companies and helped them transform their product development practices to deliver greater business value using an agile development approach. Rien's background is in research and software development; Rien has successfully completed a Ph.D where he investigated motivation in software engineering, and has spent time working as a software developer and a Scrum Master. Rien is very passionate about sharing new insights around motivation, in the servant-leadership model, and the people aspects of software development. Rien currently leads several agile software development teams at Workplace Systems.

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John Donoghue

John has been working in software development his entire career, starting as a developer and team leader, spending time as a Product Owner, before moving into coaching and management. On first reading the Agile Manifesto over ten years ago he recognised the problems in the processes used on his projects, and has been working to improve them ever since. John is a pragmatist who has worked with many teams in varied situations to figure out what works for them. Fully embracing the ideas of experimentation and continuous learning, he's seen a lot of ideas tried with varying degrees of success. John is currently Development Manager at Thunderhead.

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