Through Agile:MK, we invite everyone to help drive the adoption and improvement of Agile methods in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. We are doing this through sharing experiences, talking with experts, and creating a space for Agile professionals to network, to share their successes and challenges with adopting and practicing Agile. Our aim is to raise the standards of professional working life for the Agile community in our area.

Our next meetup

Agile:MK November - Milan Juza & Angie Main: Servant Leadership

Tuesday November 15, 2016 at 6pm, Jury's Inn, Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes

Too often, agile is perceived as an 'IT' initiative and agile adoption happens on a backdrop of a command and control leadership. As a result, agile transformations often fail. Experience from many organisations has shown that the importance of changing the overall organisational culture and leadership style cannot be overstated.

In this session, Milan Juza and Angie Main will bring alive the practical & proven principles of Servant Leadership. Milan and Angie will invite participants to interact, discussing their experience of leadership today which setting the scene for the opportunity (and challenges) of adopting different ways of working as a part of the journey to a true organisational agility.  This session will help you understand what Servant Leadership is, why it is a great fit for many organisations and how you as an individual can adopt Servant Leadership practices.

Milan Juza

Milan has been leading and working with agile teams for a many years and in multiple sectors. Milan's background is in programme and product delivery and during his career he has led delivery of several groundbreaking products and services. In recent years, Milan held a number of senior technology roles in various organisations and led several large-scale agile transformation and business change initiatives. Milan strongly believes in ongoing learning and continuous improvement and is passionate about transforming organisations into truly agile, value-driven operations. Milan currently works as an Agile Transformation Director at Barclaycard. 

Angela Main

Angie spent 17 years at a senior leader level in Financial Services majoring in large scale MarComms,Channel Development and Employee Engagement activity before moving to support a wider range of sectors (retail and third sector) as a an independent interim. Angie is a qualified HR and Comms practitioner but says her heart lies simply with helping people understand and adopt new ways or working, she’s been supporting Barclaycards Agile Transformation Programme for the last 12 months – Servant Leadership her most recent deliverable. When she’s not doing the stuff above Angie is to be found at home in Northumberland lighthouse spotting or working on her newest project ‘ North by North – East ‘ , a 2017 multi genre film festival.

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